Friday, 7 March 2014

Binaural Beats: Experimenting with eDrugs

So at the start of this year I wanted to start some completely new things, so I thought of the classic new year's resolutions that everybody attempts to do for a month and then gives up on, but to be perfectly honest most of them don't really apply to me, so I tried to think of things more outside the box. What I decided to do was firstly to start blogging, which I can safely say I LOVE, and secondly I wanted to learn to meditate, which I can easily say is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. So anyway searching the internet as you do, looking up different meditation techniques, postures, hand positions etc, I eventually came across binaural beats, which if you couldn't guess already is what I intend to talk to you guys about today and my overall experience using them.

So what exactly are binaural beats? Well it's actually something which is created by the brain when it is presented with two sounds of similar frequencies, and with each of these frequencies being played separately to each ear your brain will then begin to integrate each of these frequencies and thus create a third sound which is referred to as a binaural beat.

For example, if for instance a frequency of 100Hz is played in one ear and a frequency of 105Hz is played in the other, then a binaural beat of 5Hz will be created. Brain waves will then shift in order to match this frequency or binaural beat.  

Okay, but what does this have to do with meditation exactly? Well if you take a look at this chart it shows us various brain wave frequencies corresponding to consciousness levels:

Beta (13-26 Hz) - Alert concentration and problem-solving
Alpha (8-13 Hz) - Alert relaxation
Theta (4-7 Hz) - Deep relaxation and increased learning
Delta (1-3 Hz) - Deep sleep

So basically what a binaural beat does is it can induce the listener into various levels of consciousness, but its most frequently used by listeners to induce them into a state of deep meditation.
So is it legitimate or is it just another load of BS? Well from my experience I can say it works pretty damn well, but only if you allow it to, don't expect to stick on some headphones and all of sudden turn into a Zen Buddhist. Like everything with meditation you have to completely let go and fully focus on the sound itself in order for a deep state of meditation to be successfully achieved.
So can they be used over traditional meditation techniques? Personally I don't think so, I personally can reach a much deeper state of meditation by using traditional mediation techniques than solely just relying on binaural beats. Don't get me wrong you can reach a decent level of deep relaxation with binaural beats but personally I don't think they offer as much as normal meditation does.
From personal experience, the best way to use binaural beats is to use them in conjunction with your normal meditation, so sometime throughout the day I will listen to binaural beats in conjunction with my daily morning and evening meditation sessions. As a result of doing this I have noticed a MAJOR improvement in my meditation, since using them I find it easier to focus on my breathing, my concentration levels have increased etc. I guess its kind of like a pre-workout supplement, its not essential to take one before you workout but it can definitely help, and the same is true with binaural beats, they are not essential but if used correctly you will see great improvements in your meditation practice.
So where can you get binaural beats? Well they are all over the internet, you can listen to them on YouTube, download free MP3's or buy them. Personally I bought mine, but I've tried others on YouTube and they all work reasonably well. But you MUST listen to binaural beats, wearing headphones, preferably over the ear headphones.   

So I imagine you're probably wondering by now why in the title did I refer to them as "eDrugs". Well some people say that binaural beats mimic the effects of drugs such as LSD and marijuana, and essentially you can get 'high' off them. Well in regards to that, I've never personally taken any of these drugs (or any drugs for that matter) and although they can make you feel very relaxed I really do doubt that sound frequencies can really replicate the effects of a drug.   

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post on binaural beats which is little different from my traditional Jiu-Jitsu based posts, but I wanted to introduce you guys to something completely new from me.
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  6. If I read about binaural beats, it all looks like pseudo-science to me, and I think a lot of it is placebo effect - but our minds are so wonderful that we can get really good effects through it. I have the same results with some favorite CDs: I have 3 "super-writing" records, that make me extremely productive, and there is 1 record I used to listen to every single night before sleeping for 1,5 years - that made me sleep like a rose.