Monday, 7 April 2014

Update (07/04/14)

So I guess I was a bit optimistic...
Trying to do seven articles a week was a bit much. I posted three times last week and I think that  will be the minimum from now on. When I write my articles, I try to write them the best I can and try to get my point across as best as possible, and sometimes it takes a while. I don't want to just chuck something together and post it without any lack of thought. Actually, this is something which happened with my post on the Olympics. Now the idea of BJJ being in the Olympics is quite a large topic, and I want to get as much down as possible on the subject itself, so naturally it's going to take a long time to write, edit etc. I have been working on for quite some time so hopefully you guys will enjoy it!
Now, this is the part of every update post where I talk about current and future interviews. Well on that front there is some good news! Gianni Grippo has agreed to do and interview with me and the questions have been sent his way, so hopefully that should be up pretty soon. Also, Kit Dale is onto the questions as we speak so hopefully that will be up really soon. Knowing my luck I will receive them on the same day! If that does actually happen, I won't publish them together, instead I'll probably publish one on one day, and the other on the next day. I might split them up into two parts, but that depends on how long their answers are.
The last post I made was an interview I did with AJ Agazarm, which as always was very well received by everybody, so for that I thank you kindly! AJ at the time was out in Rome for the recent IBJJF Rome Open and the European NoGi, so the fact that he found time to answer my questions is very much appreciated.
So who is next on my list? Well, the only current outstanding person at this time is Ryan Hall, and he has had my questions for over two months now, and I have heard no reply. I've asked him about it and still got no reply, but I can't wait for him forever, so I have to keep producing more interviews. But on the question of who I want to interview next? I have a few people in mind currently, but I'll have to see how everything plays out.
I LOVE conducting interviews with BJJ athletes, and I think it's something which sets me apart from other BJJ blogs out there. Now I know lots of people do interviews, but I try and do interviews with lots of different as possible. So I try and do everything from major stars to rising stars, just to keep things a little different from the usual interviews which you see everywhere. Obviously, when you interview people sometimes it takes a while for them to reply due to their commitments in life, but I always glad that people can take the time out and do and interview with me.
That's all for this week, and if I don't get a reply tomorrow on the either of the interviews then my article on the Olympics shall be published.
Catch you later,


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