Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Favourite BJJ Highlight Video - Jordon Schultz Highlight (2011)

I see lots of BJJ highlight videos, and usually I watch them and never give them a second thought. However, this one in particular has always stood out in my mind since the day I first watched it. I don't really know why that is, I think it must have been that the techniques displayed in the video just hit home with me. For the time, I thought his game was really unique and I thought it was really cool that his game focused a lot on back attacks and omoplatas. 

Anyway, if you have read the title, you would know that it is a highlight video by Jordon Schultz. I have said this a few times on my blog, but I'm a huge fan of Jordon Schultz. For those of you who don't know, Jordon is a two time world champion (2010 purple lightweight, 2011 brown lightweight) and was arguably one of the best brown belts in the world at one point. 

Again, I mentioned previously that I was planning to do an interview with Jordon, which I thought could have been my best interview to date and a real hit. To cut a long story short, he told me he had quit BJJ and wants nothing to do with it anymore, especially the media. There might be hopes of us doing something together in the future, but as of now, that looks really slim. 

If I'm honest, I find that really sad. I can't really understand how a two time world champion and a black belt could just turn his back on Jiu-Jitsu, when he has committed the last three or four years of his life to it. Although, lots of things have happened to him during his time in BJJ, including leaving Alliance and his confrontation with Jacare, and the Lloyd Irvin rape scandal. I guess those are unique circumstances, and would make you start to dislike Jiu-Jitsu. 

Anyway, let’s get back on track here!

I love this highlight video! I'm pretty sure you will like it too. I think Jordon's game is fantastic and the way he flows one technique to another is fantastic. I guess those three years he spent training with Cobrinha and Michael Langhi really influenced his game. 

*FUN FACT* When I first saw this video, it was the first time I had ever heard the word "berimbolo".

Take a look at the video below. I hope you guys REALLY enjoy the video!

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