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The Berimbolo Kid's Match of the Week - Week 26 - Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu vs. Bill 'The Grill' Cooper - Grapplers Quest 2009

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Welcome to another Match of the Week! This week's match is Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu vs. Bill 'The Grill' Cooper from a 2009 edition of Grapplers Quest.

Roberto Abreu, better known in the BJJ community as 'Cyborg', is a black belt under Francisco 'Toco' Albuquerque. He initially started training with the Nova Geracao Team, but has since started his own team, Fight Sports. Cyborg is well known for his very unique style of grappling and the tornado guard, which he has since made famous. 

Throughout his reasonably long career, Cyborg has won multiple titles. He is a four time World NoGi Champion (2012, 2011, 2010 weight & absolute), a two time Pan American Champion (2008, 2001 blue), and a one-time ADCC (2013 absolute) and European Champion (2005). He is also a six time World bronze medalist (2013, 2011, 2008, 2006 absolute, 2003 purple, 2002 purple absolute) and a two time ADCC (2013, 2011) and World NoGi bronze medalist (2008 absolute, 2007).

Obviously, as I mentioned earlier, Cyborg is well known for his tornado guard. He is also known for his half guard and the deep half guard position. A very unique, yet under utilised submission which Cyborg has great amounts of success with in competition is the reverse triangle. For such a big guy, Cyborg moves almost like a lightweight. He is very explosive with his movements.

Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu

Bill 'The Grill' Copper, also known as simply 'Bill the Grill', is a black belt under Ricardo 'Franjinha' Millera and fights for Paragon Jiu-Jitsu. At the time he received his black belt, Bill was the youngest American ever to do so.  Bill has also ventured into the world of MMA, and has competed in Strikeforce. He also holds black belts in Judo and Tae Kwon Do. 

Bill has many accomplishments to his name. He is a 27 time Grapplers Quest Champion, and a one-time Pan American (2007 brown), Houston Open (2010 black), and Best of the West Champion (2007 brown). He is also a two time World silver medalist (2008 black, 2007 brown absolute), and a one time World bronze medalist (2010 black), and World NoGi Silver (2007 black absolute) and bronze medalist (2008 black). 

As a grappler, Bill is extremely well rounded. He is dangerous from anywhere. He doesn't seem to really have a preference. Throughout his matches he is very aggressive and always keeps the pace high. One thing I noticed is that his cardio is phenomenal! He literally never seems to get tired. In terms of submissions, Bill really likes the guillotine choke, especially in NoGi. The rear naked choke is another favourite of his.  

Bill 'The Grill' Cooper

I remember this match very well. This was the full grappling match I ever saw on YouTube when I was 14 years old. I don't know how I managed to come across it, but I remember I was blown away with what I saw. I didn't actually know who either of the guys was. 

Man, this match is just constant action! It's just back and forth constantly. Neither guy ever stops for a second. I usually try to sum up the match in a few lines, but I would find it nearly impossible to do in this instance. Just watch the match for yourself; I'm sure you'll have a blast.

The video of the match can be found below. I hope you guys enjoy! 

See you next week!

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