Monday, 13 April 2015

Update (13/04/15) - Time Flies

Time flies... 

Jeez, it's been almost three weeks since I've posted anything. S***! It's been over four months since I even did an update post. Well, now Easter and everything that comes with that is over, I can get back to writing on my blog. Woop woop!

Some things are going to be different for the next few weeks. Firstly, I want to start talking a lot more about topics which interest me other than BJJ. I'm not saying I'm totally going to banish BJJ, there will still be plenty of that, but I would like to paint with a few different colours rather than sticking to just one. 

I'll be talking about weird and strange things mostly. I love bizarre things, and things which seem to confuse all rational explanation. I have a few goodies lined up, so it should be a breath of fresh air. I will also do some more top 10's, maybe even another top 10 Beyond Belief stories. I think I'll do a Top 10 Twilight Zone episodes from the original series. That sounds good to me.

I may talk about some professional wrestling as I have touched on that in the past. If you don't know, I'm a really big pro wrestling fan, and I have been since I was a kid. I really enjoy learning about the professional wrestling business and creative teams. I could listen to that stuff for hours! I may sneak a little bit in, but we'll have to see. 

Of course, Metamoris 6 is coming up, and as usual I will give a review on my thoughts of the up and coming card. That will be pretty soon actually, probably in about two weeks’ time. Also, the Abu Dhabi Pro is on later this month, so I'll hopefully do a review of that event as well. 

The heel hook article has been in the can for quite some time now. Damn! There's so much to put into it. I never want to rush anything, and there's so much to the topic itself, I don't want put out something and feel like a missed something. It may even be a two part article, but I don't really know as of yet. The next BJJ articles will be less intensive topics.

Interviews... oh, interviews. I finally got the Jean Machado interview out. It took a while, but I thought it was a really interview. I have an interview with Mikey Musumeci coming out very soon, maybe as soon as this weekend. I ironed out some creases with him today and now he's very close to completing the questions I asked him.

I've been thinking of maybe doing an interview with some non-BJJ people. I was thinking about maybe doing an interview with Scott Raynor who was previously the drummer from Blink-182. I think I'll sit on that idea for a bit. I'm already doing a lot of non-BJJ stuff as it is, so I don't want to go too far away from my core audience, but it's something I will definitely consider. 

Really, that's all I have to say for now. Lots of exciting new content set to be published soon. I can wait to get it out. 

Catch you later,



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