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The Berimbolo Kid's Match of the Week - Week 38 - Fernando 'Tererê' Augusto vs. Fabricio Werdum - Worlds 2004

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of Match of the Week. This week is Fernando 'Tererê' Augusto vs. Fabricio Werdum from the super heavyweight finals of the 2004 World Championships. 

Fernando Augusto, better known in the BJJ community as 'Tererê', is a black belt under Alexandre Paiva and represents the Alliance team. Tererê is one of the greatest competitors to have ever graced the mats and was once seen by many to be the pound for pound best in the world during the early 2000's. He was also head of the TT team along with Eduardo Telles, and produced many of today's top talent such as André Galvão, Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles, Lucas Lepri and Michael Langhi.

Tererê is a six time World Champion (2003, 2000 black, 1999 brown, 1998 purple weight & absolute, 1997 blue), a three time Brazilian National Champion (2003, 2001 weight & absolute), a two time World Cup Champion (2003, 2002) and a one-time Pan American Champion (2004). He is also a two time World silver medalist (2004, 2001) and a one-time Pan American silver medalist (2004 absolute). 

It's Tererê's style of Jiu-Jitsu which has made him one of the most exciting fighters to watch. He is known for his flashy, yet super technical style of BJJ. Tererê is become quite synonymous for his guard passing over the years, along with his takedowns. This is not to say Tererê is not a guard player, but his passing is definitely his strength. 

Fernando 'Tererê' Augusto

Fabricio Werdum is a black belt under Sylvio Behring and represents his own team, Werdum Combat Team. Fabricio is best known today for his MMA career, most notably for defeating Fedor Emelianenko back in 2010, breaking his almost 10 year winning streak. As of today, Fabricio is one of the pound for pound best MMA fighters in the world, and is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. 

Putting his MMA credentials aside, Fabricio has also done very well in BJJ and submission grappling competitions. He is a four time World (2004, 2003 black, 2000 blue weight & absolute) and Pan American Champion (2002 brown, 2001 purple weight & absolute, 2000), and a two time ADCC Champion (2007, 2009). He is also a two time ADCC silver (2011, 2003) and bronze medalist (2005, 2003 absolute). 

Fabricio is well rounded as a grappler, but seems to prefer playing from bottom. In particular, Fabricio uses the butterfly guard to great effect to sweep his opponents, often sweeping straight to the mount. In terms of submissions, Fabricio obtains the majority of his victories by armbar and also by the triangle.

Fabricio Werdum

This match is a classic! The fact that this is the super heavyweight final and Tererê normally competes at middleweight (that's is three weight classes up) makes it even better. I'll shut up now and leave the match do the talking. 

The videos of the match can be found below! I hope you guys enjoy!

See you next week!

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