Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Update (05/08/14) - Max Headroom, Edwin Najmi Interview, Shout Outs & Thanks for 85,000 Views!

Another Tuesday, another update post...

Not really much to talk about this week. I just want to recap on a few things and give a few shout outs.

Well, last week I did a post about the Max Headroom incident and in terms of viewership it was a complete flop. It only has just over 100 views, and the majority of these update posts have more than that. The reason why it didn't take off as expected was because it's very hard to market something like that. I mean, how am I supposed to share this on Reddit? It doesn't really come under anything. 

However, even if it was a bit of a disaster, I don't really care. I had a great time putting that piece of work together, and in all, I think it was some of my best. For the people who did view it, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and you learnt something new. I will continue to write non-BJJ posts every Friday, and will try to pick topics which can be easily marketed. If you would like to read about the Max Headroom Incident, please click HERE

A few days ago, I sent my questions (finally) to Edwin Najmi, who for those who don't know is the 2014 purple belt absolute world champion. I asked him some interesting questions which hopefully lots of you will enjoy, and fingers crossed I will receive his answers sometime later in the week.

Yesterday was the fifth installment in my 'Match of the Week' series. It featured a match from the 2013 South Bay Open featuring Mason Monsevais. As always it was very well received, and to date is my most viewed Match of the Week gaining over 1000 views in less than 24 hours. I'd like to thank Mason and the Mendes Brothers for sharing it as this helped tremendously in the success of the post. You can take a look at it HERE.  

That's pretty much it for this week, but before I end I first want to say something. Yesterday, I surpassed 85,000 views! I just want to say thank you for all the support you guys have shown me over the past seven months and my aim is to achieve 100,000 views before the end of summer, which I think is achievable if I put in the necessary work. 

I'll see you tomorrow for the next installment in '10 Years of BJJ'. 

Catch you later,



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