Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Update (13/08/14) - Total Shock, 10 Years of BJJ, Finishing Articles & Almost at 90K

It's been a week full of surprises to say the least. 

So, last week I published an article about the "Remember Pearl Harbor" graffiti, a story I discovered whilst watching an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (a TV show I highly recommend). I thought I would make it a bit shorter than the previous week, as I didn't expect it to get many views. However, that could be further from the truth. In fact, it completely blew up! As of now, it almost has 1800 views and is the fourth most viewed post on my blog. Wowzers!

In all honesty, I was completely surprised. The week before, I had put a lot of effort into an article on the Max Headroom incident and it barely made even 100 views. So, I thought I would cover something interesting, but something which didn't require as much detail. And obviously, people liked it. I think they were just drawn into the story and intrigued by it which was my plan, but I didn't expect that many people to view it. I've learnt during my time blogging that you cannot expect anything. I can think of countless times where I think something is going to be a massive hit, and it turns out to be just mediocre.

I just would like to say thank you to you all, as it means the world to me that people all around the world read my content and thoroughly enjoy it. For those of you who missed out, you can view the article HERE.

Now that I've finished my heartfelt speech, I can get on with my traditional update post.

This week has been a bit jumbled up; due to the fact I went on a day out to Tenby on Monday. I've lived in Wales all my life, and in that time I have never been to Tenby. I know now that I have really been missing out!

Anyway... due to that slight interruption, I had to do my 'Match of the Week' post yesterday instead of Monday. I would have done this post yesterday also, but by the time I got round to writing 'Match of the Week', it was far too late into the night to write anything else. Hence why I'm writing it today. If you didn't get a chance to see yesterday’s post, you can find it HERE.   

I know a few of you have been thinking where my '10 Years of BJJ' series has gone? Well, I haven't forgotten about it, I've just had my attention on other parts of my blog. I will try and get the next part published either Saturday or Sunday, all providing I don't receive the interview answers from Edwin Najmi, and will try and publish a new part every Wednesday. 

In regards to my non-BJJ posts every Friday, it might be put on hold this week as I've written up my Saviour Tea review and done an interview with the company's head, Ollie. So, that may be posted this Friday to just get it published. If not, I'll carry on as normal with my non-BJJ posts or I may finish off one of my many articles which are still in draft. 

That's all I really have to say this week, but come back on Friday where something will be posted. (Laughs!)

P.S. We have almost reached 90,000 views and the goal of 100,000 is becoming closer every day. Much love to you all!

Catch you later,



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