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The Berimbolo Kid's Match of the Week - Week 10 - Paulo Miyao vs. Travis Stevens - Copa Podio 2013 Middleweight Grand Prix

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Welcome to the tenth edition of Match of the Week! 

Today, the match I will be sharing with you is Paulo Miyao vs. Travis Stevens. This match was the bronze medal match from the 2013 Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix, which took place on September 8, 2013 at the legendary Tijuca Tênis Clube.

If you follow Jiu-Jitsu, I'm pretty sure you would have heard of Paulo Miyao. Him and his brother, João (typically referred to as the Miyao brothers) have been phenoms in the Jiu-Jitsu world since blue belt. They have virtually won every major title at the lower belts and been on the podium of every absolute division.

Paulo is known for his intense rivalry with Keenan Cornelius. He suffered multiple consecutive losses against Cornelius throughout the purple and brown belt level before finally defeating him in the absolute final of the 2013 World Championships. 

The one thing Paulo is known for is his berimbolo. He literally uses it in all of his matches. He also utilises many other "modern" Jiu-Jitsu techniques such as the 50/50 guard and reverse de la riva. In his matches, his main objective is to somehow take his opponents back using his slick guard skills. 

Paulo Miyao

Travis Stevens is a black belt under John Danaher and fights for the Renzo Gracie Academy. Even though he is a tremendous competitor in Jiu-Jitsu, he's probably best known for his Judo background. He has medalled twice at the Pan American Championships and took 4th place at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He is currently ranked in the top 5 in the world in Judo and is considered by many to be the greatest American Judo practitioner ever.  

Obviously, Travis is known for his aggressive throws and takedowns in Jiu-Jitsu. In the majority of his matches, he looks to immediately take his opponent down and pass his guard. One thing about Travis is he is very aggressive and always tries to keep the pace of the match high. There is very little stalling in his matches.  

Travis Stevens
Source: Copa Podio

This match sticks out in particular for me personally from the entire Grand Prix. It’s probably my favourite.

Travis is in no way intimated by Miyao's guard and at one point even manages to almost take his back! WOW!  But, Miyao makes the match no walk in the park with his tricky guard work. Actually, the match is very close and could have gone either way. However, I think the right person won the match at the end of the day. Let me know if you disagree. 

The video of the match can be found below. I hope you guys enjoy!

See you next week!

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